Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Cost Of Not Eating Healthy

When you are new to getting healthy and you are just realizing how bad your current diet is, it takes time to see the big picture.

At first plant-based food choices seem more expensive and a lot of people use that as what they think is a legitimate excuse to continue eating for illness (living on crap).

The individual cost of a healthy organic food item is more expensive then a boxed processed food item with a coupon to boot! But when you eat plant-based foods you eliminate 50% of you total grocery bill.

How? By eliminating all processed foods, milk, cheese and all dairy items, all meats, fish condiments, chips, crackers, vegetable and olive oil, desserts, cookies and candies, soda and beer. Wow, that's a lot of wasted money on food that makes you very fat and very sick!

Here's the result of NOT buying plant-based foods: Feeling like crap everyday, getting sick, paying unnecessary doctor bills or copays, time lost from work, not providing and doing for your family, expensive prescriptions which don't cure you and have horrible long term side effects, medical tests, surgery, more surgery, post surgery care that health insurance does not cover, being a burden on others.........

You can't afford not to buy healthy food!

Catherine Grace Cleveland
Nunda Nutritional Counseling, LLC

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