Monday, November 26, 2012

Staying Healthy During The Holidays

Posted at 3:38 PM on November 25, 2012 by Emily Boller

Here at the beginning of the Holiday Challenge is a great time to expose the lies that you’ll most likely be hearing from friends, family, and co-workers over the next few weeks.
They’ll be saying stuff like: “Oh come on, just one bite won’t hurt; or it’s the holidays, it’s time to indulge ~ everyone’s doing it! You can start over in January.”
Or worse yet, “I made your favorite cheese ball, just for you.” 
The truth is, processed fake food will hurt you; and hurt you in a big way! Fat, sugar, flour, greasy meats and cheeses, processed foods, salt, etc., are addictive and deadly.
ADDICTIVE.  Even with the best intentions, one bite always turns into two, three, four . . . .the whole pan. 
DEADLY.   More heart attacks occur after the holidays than any other time of the year; not to mention the prolific fueling of cancer cell growth, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc.   

  • The truth is food addiction is worse than any drug addiction because it is socially acceptable, and the foods are so easily available; plus, their consumption is promoted by dear Grandma, sweet Aunt Betty, and even clergy, teachers, and medical professionals (gasp!) In fact, not only are addictive foods served at most all holiday events and gatherings, one can be ridiculed, or made to feel guilty if he/she doesn’t participate in the addiction.
  • Time to burst the bubble: your loved one, co-worker, or friend didn’t make that favorite cheese ball just for you. For whatever reason, that person has a dysfunctional desire to sabotage your goal to be healthy. If they really cared about you, and they really had goodwill towards you, they would support your wishes. If you let them know your food needs beforehand, but they disregard your preferences anyway; forcing you to decline their unhealthy offers, that is their problem, not yours. False guilt proves to be a snare each time. Don’t get caught in the deadly trap.    
  • Starting over on January 1st is a big, fat lie. 
  • Repeat, starting over on January 1st is a big, fat lie. Because then you’ll have the Super Bowl party to contend with, then Valentine chocolates, followed by birthday parties, Easter candies, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation open houses, wedding receptions, more birthday parties, summer picnics & cookouts, fall festivals, Halloween, and then back to the holidays all over again.
  • Keep in mind the average American will consume the equivalent of over 50 cups of sugar and 42 sticks of butter during the six week period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Yikes!  That's a lot of disease promoting stuff!  [click here]  If one doesn’t draw the line, and declare a solid commitment to abstinence, food addiction and the resulting “blahhhs” will take over holiday fun and festivities. One will become a captive to weight gain, tight fitting clothes, puffiness & bloating, fatigue, stomach aches, headaches, and a general malaise feeling all over the body. And as Dr. Benson wrote in his kick-off post “There are medical studies that document the fact that every year there is a surge in the number of heart attack deaths that occur in the winter after the holidays when people eat poorly and stop exercising.”
  • Last but not least, as happy and festive as the holidays can be, many may be experiencing deep sadness this time of year. Perhaps you are facing a first Christmas or Hanukah without a precious family member, or are in the midst of a bitter divorce and child custody battle, or lost a job, or lost a home and belongings in the wake of hurricane Sandy. The holidays can magnify the grief and sadness. It will be especially important to pamper yourself with the best health that’s possible. Even though it may take all you have to muster up the strength to shop for, and make nutritious food, it has to take precedence over all activities this holiday season. Don’t allow anything, even the anguish of profound grief, get in the way of eating for health and self-care. 

  • So what about you ~ what lies do you need to bust this holiday season?
    Remember, in just five more weeks you’ll be waking up on January 1st feeling renewed, rejuvenated, vibrant, and healthy; ready to start the New Year in the best health that’s possible!
    Here’s to great health to all!

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