Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vegan Confessions From A Retired Soldier And A Prison Guard

Plant-based Vegans!

The worst line I ever read as a teenager was reading a weight-lifting magazine. It described a huge, powerful man during a body building contest. as follows: "The blood of a thousand steaks was coursing through his veins." 
Even as a housing projects kids with uneducated parents I knew something was wrong with that. Today it's much worse. 
My hope -- and Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Furman have both encouraged me with this -- is that by not cheating on this diet, the damage done many not get worse and some repairs may be made.   I know that sticking with this diet is the best chance I have and it's also living in a way that I want my children to see. 
I have already been here longer than the calcification score would suggest.  1 to 10 they say is good.  400 means you have a 10% chance of a heart attack or stroke in the next year.  I was at 2,700 which means, doing the math, I should have died a few times just from that. 
Since going vegan, my arthritis is better.  I feel less pain in my hips, having lost a lot of weight.  I have a rowing machine in my bedroom, exercise bike in the bathroom and I take my dog walking twice a day. 
KNOWING that I am meeting cancer and heart disease head on rather than being a wimp while pretending to be "macho" with "Ya, give me a burger and some fries..."  Nope: kale baby, bring it on.  I have been a fighter all my life and I am not giving up my health without a fight today. 
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