Thursday, August 2, 2012

If it's Advertised On TV, It's NOT Healthy!

I am working on my second book written for kids (and their parents) and realizing how much television influences us in our food choices. So I decided to pay attention to food commercials, most of which I would never buy. The two conclusions that I came to are that food is marketed to kids or for kids and that nothing that is advertised on TV is ever healthy! That includes vitamin shakes and yogurt. The only exception maybe is Be A Healthy Hero and eat more fruits and veggies. (I am sure that is not making the government rich).

Why is it this way? Food corporations are some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world. The own the TV stations that you are watching. They are so financially powerful that they even dictate government policy on everything from what is considered healthy to the crap that is being fed to your kids in their school lunch program.

Two main sponsors in this years summer Olympics are Coca-cola and McDonald's. What is that telling our youth?

The only way to make real change in the nutritional quality of the food that we put on the table is to stop buying the junk advertised on TV. Buy only organic, non-GMO non-animal products and the large food corporations will eventually go to where the money is being spent!

And remember, people who live a healthy plant-based lifestyle never get heart disease or diabetes and rarely get cancer.

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