Monday, July 30, 2012

Nutrition for Recovery

Recovery is a necessary part of any training regimen. Rest, not over training and getting enough calories are components to recovering from workouts to improve fitness and prevent injury.
One nutritional factor other than getting enough calories to fuel and recover from your workouts is the nutrition density of you calories. Nutrition density is eating quality foods like fruit and vegetables, beans and lentils and whole grains. Calorie density is eating foods that are not beneficial to recovery like cheese and pepperoni pizza, chicken wings, beer or soda. (don't forget cheeseburgers and french fries).
A good indicator of eating a poor nutritionally dense diet is that your training is increasing but your fitness is not. Another indicator is constant fatigue and continuously trying to push through it to get your training in.
Recommendation: eliminate the processed calorie dense foods and go for recovery shakes daily full of fruits and vegetables especially green leafy ones!
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