Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nutrition Affects All Aspects Of Ours Lives

This is what happens when you make bad food choices such as: white sugars (flour), dairy products, all meat and fish, chemically processed foods, oil, white flour, caffeine and alcohol.

You become overweight

You get sick with food-borne diseases such as diabetes.
    Then you can lose your eyesight, lose your limbs, take medications that suck up your retirement money and make you sicker.......

You will lose your ability to have and maintain an erection
    The little blue pill loses it's effect after awhile.

Kids will have have behavioral problems like ADHD, anger (violence) and learning disability
   From eating artificially flavored and colored foods, processed food and not enough        nutrient dense foods.

Skin problems
    Acne and psoriasis are enhanced from eating dairy products.

   Consuming animal proteins are like turning on a light switch for cancer cells.
   Do you know how much it costs to have cancer?

Heart disease
    Only animal products have cholesterol. People who live a plant-based (no oil) lifestyle do not get heart disease! (Or diabetes).

Low productivity and time lost from work (and life in general)
    Eating bad food make you feel like crap and makes your energy levels fluctuate (like afternoon fatigue).

    Poor nutrition is the number one contributor of lack of quality sleep. Mainly alcohol, caffeine and white sugar and flour. Also the lack of nutrients from living on a processed food and animal diets contribute.

    It is a food-born painful illness. Click here to read more.

    Not getting enough nutrients from a life time of high-fat low-nutrient and calorie dense foods along with becoming mentally and physically lazy are the building blocks for all forms of dementia.

Low self-esteem
    Being overweight does not help anybody's self-esteem. It can cause severe depression and constant physical pain.

Dental problems
    You know that sugar rots your teeth.  Put an old tooth in a glass of coca-cola and see how long it takes for it to dissolve. Meat and dairy are a main cause of plaque build up. Plant-based people rarely have plaque problems.

Enhanced allergies
    Have bad allergies ? Add Dairy and the severity triples!

    No body who eats a healthy plant-based diet ever gets heartburn!

Financial stability
    It is very expensive to get sick. When you are planning for your financial future like retirement and college funds, don't for get your sick fund. Health insurance does not cover everything especially out of hospital care. If you haven't had your first heart attack yet ask someone who has how much it is costing them.

A burden to your family
    When you eat too much and are overweight you are not as productive as you should be. If you become unable to work, someone has to take care of you. Is that fair? Is this how their life should be spent?

Why the cost of health care is so expensive and why most people don't have health insurance? Simple, because 80% of us are uneducated about the foods we eat and how it affects us, or you just don't care.  Better healthcare starts in the kitchen!

How many reasons do you need to stop eating unhealthy, calorie dense, edible like substances?

To be continued!
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  1. I was thinking about how immaculately some people take care of the outside of their bodies, but at the same time trash the inside of their bodies. I have watched people for years and been made fun of for not eating meat, it got tiresome. I still believe our tooth structure in our mouth tells us we are not meat eaters. Other wise we'd have teeth that look like wolves, dogs, etc. I have always felt so much better not eating meat, had more energy and have enjoyed great health. now I am eating no dairy..feeling great, better dental check ups, knowing my body is continually healing itself everyday from the insults of disease and toxins we are subjected to. Add to that a yoga practice and it completes the package of a very contented life, riding the waves of life events. Enjoying as I go