Monday, September 24, 2012

Beating Insomnia

By Catherine Cleveland

Understanding insomnia from a nutritional point of view might just make a lot of sense.

Insomnia is statistically blamed on stress and being overworked. Because we can't always reduce our stress to be as manageable as we would like, we take pills - over the counter and prescription - to solve the problem. As you know with pills, they only work on the symptoms, have short and long term side effects, we develop immunity to them and they never fix the underlying cause(s).

If your diet consists of sugar, caffeine, junk food and alcohol, these can be the major contributors to your insomnia. Just like in the daytime, when you feed your body (everyday) with stimulants and junk you have waves of energy levels. Sleep disruption is par for the course!  

You need to remove the junk and the stimulants that your body is constantly trying to regulate and defend itself from.  Replace it with real whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes and live a lifestyle without caffeine, alcohol and sleeping pills and you will sleep like a baby! It works!

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