Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Fran Drescher Went Vegan

Actress Fran Drescher has shed 15 pounds after committing to a vegan and gluten-free diet.
“The Nanny” star ignored doctors’ advice to take new medications in a bid to solve her flagging energy level problems, and instead changed her diet.
She launched a health overhaul, cutting out alcohol, animal products and items containing gluten from her diet – and it did wonders for her body.
Showing off her new look on TV host Wendy Williams’ show on Thursday, she said, “It was tough going, I wasn’t able to knock off that kind of weight in years. I just decided that I wasn’t feeling well… and I went to a bunch of doctors, and everybody had different prescriptions for all my symptoms and I just decided, ‘No more, I’m gonna do alternative. I’m gonna to switch up my act, eat differently, clean up my act.’
“And so I cut out alcohol… so that went, and I became gluten-free and vegan.”
And Drescher reveals she has even noticed a difference in her complexion: “I am getting a lot of compliments on my skin and how good I look and I really think it has to do with the no drinking. It (alcohol) dries your skin out a lot.”
Drescher certainly isn’t the only celebrity to adopt a vegan diet. Click here to find other celebrities on a vegan diet!


  1. came across your blog while looking for information on Fran Drescher and her views on GMO's. Do you happen to know if she has ever talked publicly about them? Thanks!

    1. I looked her up on youtube and found several videos with her doing interviews on several TV shows. Also, she shares her recipes on youtube. I hope this helps!